Camel is one of the greatest tobacco brands all over the globe. The history of Camel cigarettes began in 1913, when the company RJR, which previously produced tobacco for pipes, decided to start producing cigarettes due to their growing popularity in the tobacco market. Previously, the company was called Red Camel, but after its transition to another owner, the name changed to Camel. 

The brand's symbol is the well-known camel Joe, and the slogans of the advertising company were really  unusual and impressive, which attracted the attention of customers around the world. The brand was promoted by the N. W. Aver advertising Agency. 

Camel is almost the only cigarette whose design has not changed much in 95 years of existence on the market, and camel Joe is recognized all over the world not only among smokers, but also among non-smokers. Camel survived the competition with Marlboro, in 2000-2001 – rebranding, large-scale promotion project Camel Trophy. 

Today, Camel packaging has become more modern and solid, but it still shows the camel Joe, pyramids and the Camel inscription. 

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