New innovative electronic devices that allow you to replace classic cigarettes with the least harm to health, by heating, rather than burning tobacco, have become very popular and in demand among even heavy smokers around the world. Those who can't quit smoking or just want to enjoy the process of smoking, new sensations and new tastes, without harming their health. 

Manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of tastes of sticks for IQOS electronic devices. Chocolate heat sticks, fruit sticks, different in color, which differ significantly from each other in their specific flavor. They allow the user of the device, the owner of the IQOS device, to choose a stick (replacement cartridge) exactly to their taste. 

IQOS cooperates with one manufacturer — users can get Heets products. Previously, varieties of sticks from Parliament were also popular — but they stopped being produced, manufacturers claim that Heets is a kind of alteration of the previous version. 

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