Kiss cigarettes appeared on the market of tobacco products recently, in the 10 years timeframe. The main distinguishing feature of this brand is its large selection of flavors. Thanks to the compact Super Slims size of the Kiss, they can fit even in the smallest women's pouch. Kiss cigarettes are rightfully considered feminine, as they have a very elegant design. And even the most demanding smokers will find in these cigarettes for themselves the taste qualities that they like. 

Tobacco products of this brand are produced under the management of the English manufacturer ITC, but production is established in Russia. Production of these products is established at the Donskoy Tabak tobacco factory. This company is known all over the world for its high-quality products. 

Negotiations on the release of this brand began in 2004 – this would be an agreement between ITC and Donskoy Tabak. The first batch of products went on sale in 2006. So why do so many people choose Kiss cigarettes? – Thanks to a huge plus of this brand - taste and aroma. 

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