L&M cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe by Philip Morris. This brand of cigarettes is considered to be the very first to use a filter. The slogan "American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter" was coined for LM tobacco products. 

L&M cigarettes – manufactured with the original blend of American tobacco, which in turn consists of such types: Burley, Virginia and Oriental. This blend gives the rich taste of this product and makes the products of this brand the leader of tobacco products on the world market, and very popular among smokers of different segments of the population. The L&M cigarette brand is deservedly in high demand among residents of the United States, Latin America, and Europe. 

The L&M tobacco brand is well known for its exclusivity and high quality. Due to the low cost of L&M – fans of these cigarettes have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aroma of the product. Since the tobacco of this product has a rather original taste and is completely different from other brands of cigarettes, its popularity is gigantic. 

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