Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes of the Philip Morris company, which was originally an English firm that opened a tobacco store in London, on Bond Street, in 1847. By 1885, the company was selling tobacco products under four brands: "Blues", "Cambridge", "Derby", "Marlborough". The aristocratic theme was present in the brand names, using the surnames of famous counts and dukes. The English Marlborough College, which opened in 1843, has nothing to do with the cigarette brand. In 1924, Philip Morris cigarettes appeared in America under the abbreviated name "Marlboro". Immediately after entering the market, Marlboro cigarettes were advertised as women's cigarettes that had a red filter. The slogan "cherry tip for your ruby lips", emphasized the brand's current positioning. Later, in advertising cigarettes in America, a cowboy on a horse was used, and "Marlboro" cigarettes became "men's" with a traditional brown filter. American consumers were sure that the name of the cigarettes was related to the state of Massachusetts, the American "cowboys ' forge" for the whole country, although this is just a random consonance of the initial letters of these names. 

In the mid-90s of the last century, Philip Morris had revenues of more than $ 33 billion, and at the end of 2000, the Marlboro brand was named the biggest tobacco brand. And although the Marlboro cowboy is no longer displayed on advertising posters, the brand does not give up its won positions. 

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