Pall Mall

This brand launched in 1899. The company Butler&Butler introduce these cigarettes as premium class ones. The name of the brand dedicated to the Pall Mall street, located in London. 

In 1907, the brand was purchased by American Tobacco. It developed a premium brand by changing the design and composition of tobacco. The popularity of Pall Mall blossomed in the 1960s, when the brand became the first in the United States. Then the green light was given to gambling advertising, which helped increase sales. The company also began to produce new, 100 mm cigarettes, thus creating a new standard. The new idea was picked up by competitors, as a result of which Pall Mall began to lose the market. 

In 1994, the brand was sold to Brown&Williamson Tobacco, and in 2004 the company merged with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. The new company continued to produce a successful brand, both in America and abroad. 

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