The Rothmans brand first appeared on the market in 1890. Keeping the English tradition of quality, today Rothmans cigarettes are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.  
The high demand for products allowed him to open two more small stores. And in 1900, Rothman opened a small showroom on the fashionable Pall Mall. At this time, the young entrepreneur began to actively work on creating cigarettes of different brands. By 1902, it was exporting cigarettes to South America, the Netherlands, India, and Australia.
By 1905, Louis Rothman had become the official tobacco supplier to both the English and Spanish Royal courts. And in 1905, King Edward VII granted special Royal permission. In 1906, Rothman created the first menthol cigarette by placing menthol crystals at the ends of the cigarette. After the death of the brand's founder in 1926, the development of the brand was continued by Rothman's son Sydney. Under Sydney's leadership, in addition to the six existing stores in London, the first store outside London was opened in Liverpool in 1927. In 1929, shares of the Rothmans brand were listed on the London stock exchange.

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