Sobranie are cigarettes with a unique taste and aroma. Their packaging is attractive and refined, and the production uses mixed tobacco types and modern technologies. The Sobranie house recently celebrated its 130th anniversary, and the history of the brand goes back to the distant past. 

Today, the Sobranie brand belongs to the Gallaher Group, which is the world's largest manufacturer of cigarettes, but initially they were an independent cigarette brand, launched in 1879 in London. Their popularity began to grow rapidly in the elite area of the capital of Britain, St. James, where there were private elite private clubs and European aristocracy gathered. The quality of Sobranie cigarettes was the highest, because they were subject to the most stringent requirements. By the end of the 19th century, they were recognized not only in London, but also in narrow diplomatic circles around the world. 

For a long time, Sobranie cigarettes were made by hand and made to order from the best varieties of tobacco supplied from different parts of the world. The Oriental variety from Turkey and Greece was mixed with Brazilian and American tobacco, resulting in a mixture with a rich aroma and taste. Needless to say, the price of these cigarettes was so high that only a narrow circle of wealthy smokers from the elite strata of society could afford them. The name of the cigarettes was named after the Russian club of aristocrats "Russian Noble Assembly", whose representative office was located in the St. James's area of London. 

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