• Bond

    Bond Street is one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world. Quality and taste have won the trust of smokers across the continent, and they do not need advertising for a long time. 

    Bond Street is an international brand that has gained popularity since 1902. Philip Morris, the founder of Philip Morris International, owned a store on London's Bond Street, and in 1902 King Albert, an admirer of the company, awarded the store the title of "Royal tobacco merchant". Since that day, cigarettes under the name, at that time "Old Bond Street", have set foot on the path of development and conquest of the world tobacco market. 

  • Camel

    Camel is one of the greatest tobacco brands all over the globe. The history of Camel cigarettes began in 1913, when the company RJR, which previously produced tobacco for pipes, decided to start producing cigarettes due to their growing popularity in the tobacco market. Previously, the company was called Red Camel, but after its transition to another owner, the name changed to Camel. 

    The brand's symbol is the well-known camel Joe, and the slogans of the advertising company were really  unusual and impressive, which attracted the attention of customers around the world. The brand was promoted by the N. W. Aver advertising Agency. 

    Camel is almost the only cigarette whose design has not changed much in 95 years of existence on the market, and camel Joe is recognized all over the world not only among smokers, but also among non-smokers. Camel survived the competition with Marlboro, in 2000-2001 – rebranding, large-scale promotion project Camel Trophy. 

    Today, Camel packaging has become more modern and solid, but it still shows the camel Joe, pyramids and the Camel inscription. 

  • Davidoff

    Davidoff is a global brand whose products have become a symbol of luxury, sophistication and excellent quality. Deep respect for tradition along with the latest technologies is the main secret of the brand's success. Among tobacco fans, Davidoff cigarettes are particularly popular, the types of which allow you to satisfy the most demanding taste.  

    The Davidoff brand has been producing its high-quality cigars for more than 100 years. Among many serious brands, Davidoff cigars have no competitors in terms of flavor and quality. Today, among the Dominican tobacco products, the best-selling brand is “Davidoff". Some tobacco products only have an attractive appearance. Many companies had a pretentious philosophy when they were created and continue it in their activities. This policy is a special tool for promoting your brand in the market. Only the brand of cigars “Davidoff " is very different in its development policy.  

    Davidoff is a brand of cigarettes preferred by smokers from affluent segments of the population, since their cost is quite high. Cigarettes are made from high-quality tobacco, standing on the same level as Springwater and Dimo. 

  • Esse


    The Esse cigarette brand is one of the youngest on the world market of tobacco products. It appeared only in 1996 on the territory of South Korea. Today, Esse cigarettes are owned by the Korean tobacco company Korea Tobacco & Ginseng. A funny fact is that the production of cigarettes was launched at a time when the future tobacco giant was a state monopoly. So for the success of the brand, you should thank the Korean government agencies. 


    New innovative electronic devices that allow you to replace classic cigarettes with the least harm to health, by heating, rather than burning tobacco, have become very popular and in demand among even heavy smokers around the world. Those who can't quit smoking or just want to enjoy the process of smoking, new sensations and new tastes, without harming their health. 

    Manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of tastes of sticks for IQOS electronic devices. Chocolate heat sticks, fruit sticks, different in color, which differ significantly from each other in their specific flavor. They allow the user of the device, the owner of the IQOS device, to choose a stick (replacement cartridge) exactly to their taste. 

    IQOS cooperates with one manufacturer — users can get Heets products. Previously, varieties of sticks from Parliament were also popular — but they stopped being produced, manufacturers claim that Heets is a kind of alteration of the previous version. 

  • Kent

    The first Kent cigarettes launched in 1952. Their production was started by the Lorillard Tobacco Company. Initially, they had a length of 70 mm, a soft taste and an asbestos filter. Kent cigarettes got their name in honor of Herbert Kent, who at that time was the head of this company. Cigarettes were sold primarily in the United States. 

    Cigarettes were very popular with smokers. However, scientists soon came to the conclusion that the asbestos filter can lead to lung cancer, and manufacturers replaced it with an asbestos-free filter -Micronite, which allowed the company to bypass its competitors on the market. Now Kent cigarettes use a carbon filter. 

    In the 70s, the brand was acquired by the British American Tobacco Group, and the sale of Kent began not only in the United States, but also in other countries. 

  • Kiss


    Kiss cigarettes appeared on the market of tobacco products recently, in the 10 years timeframe. The main distinguishing feature of this brand is its large selection of flavors. Thanks to the compact Super Slims size of the Kiss, they can fit even in the smallest women's pouch. Kiss cigarettes are rightfully considered feminine, as they have a very elegant design. And even the most demanding smokers will find in these cigarettes for themselves the taste qualities that they like. 

    Tobacco products of this brand are produced under the management of the English manufacturer ITC, but production is established in Russia. Production of these products is established at the Donskoy Tabak tobacco factory. This company is known all over the world for its high-quality products. 

    Negotiations on the release of this brand began in 2004 – this would be an agreement between ITC and Donskoy Tabak. The first batch of products went on sale in 2006. So why do so many people choose Kiss cigarettes? – Thanks to a huge plus of this brand - taste and aroma. 

  • LD

    LD (Liggett Ducat) is a brand of cigarettes owned by Japan Tobacco. According to JTI's website, the brand is currently sold in more than 30 countries around the world. 

    This brand was introduced to the Russian market in 1999. This brand appeared as a result of the merger of two productions of the American Liggett & Myers and the Russian Dukat. It was then that the joint brand "L-D" appeared and not only for Russia, these cigarettes were produced almost all over the world, from Africa to Austria. In 2000, Liggett Ducat has been purchased by the Gallaher Group. 

  • L&M

    L&M cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe by Philip Morris. This brand of cigarettes is considered to be the very first to use a filter. The slogan "American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter" was coined for LM tobacco products. 

    L&M cigarettes – manufactured with the original blend of American tobacco, which in turn consists of such types: Burley, Virginia and Oriental. This blend gives the rich taste of this product and makes the products of this brand the leader of tobacco products on the world market, and very popular among smokers of different segments of the population. The L&M cigarette brand is deservedly in high demand among residents of the United States, Latin America, and Europe. 

    The L&M tobacco brand is well known for its exclusivity and high quality. Due to the low cost of L&M – fans of these cigarettes have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aroma of the product. Since the tobacco of this product has a rather original taste and is completely different from other brands of cigarettes, its popularity is gigantic. 

  • Mevius

    Mevius was launched in 1977 under the name Mild Seven and was conceived as a soft version of the Seven Stars brand in Japan in 1977, it was launched abroad in 1981. This is the first brand to use a carbon filter in an American blend in Japan. It was originally designed to treat Mild Seven similarly to Seven Stars, but in keeping with the fact that JT changed the F1 participants' brand from Cabin (another Japanese brand owned by JT) to Mild Seven in 1994, the vertical blue left side of the white background was changed to a belt design. At that time, the advertising slogan "Blue world of the soft seven" was used in TV ads, and after that, blue became the preferred color for the brand. Cigarettes are the third most smoked cigarette in the world with 76.5 billion cigarettes worldwide, after Marlboro and Camel.  

    Mevius under the brand name Mild Seven has been a sales leader since its creation in 1977 and is the second largest cigarette brand in the world. August 8, 2012 Japan Tobacco has announced that the long-standing brand name of Mild Seven will be changed to Mevius due to legislation regarding labeling cigarettes as "soft" in some countries; and in an attempt to strengthen the brand's "premium image". The name change began in Japan in February, and in Singapore and Korea the following month.   

    Japan Tobacco brand has representative offices in more than 120 countries. However, the flavors of Mevius cigarettes contribute to effective sales. In Japan alone, the real line occupies almost 33 percent of the tobacco market. 

  • Marlboro

    Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes of the Philip Morris company, which was originally an English firm that opened a tobacco store in London, on Bond Street, in 1847. By 1885, the company was selling tobacco products under four brands: "Blues", "Cambridge", "Derby", "Marlborough". The aristocratic theme was present in the brand names, using the surnames of famous counts and dukes. The English Marlborough College, which opened in 1843, has nothing to do with the cigarette brand. In 1924, Philip Morris cigarettes appeared in America under the abbreviated name "Marlboro". Immediately after entering the market, Marlboro cigarettes were advertised as women's cigarettes that had a red filter. The slogan "cherry tip for your ruby lips", emphasized the brand's current positioning. Later, in advertising cigarettes in America, a cowboy on a horse was used, and "Marlboro" cigarettes became "men's" with a traditional brown filter. American consumers were sure that the name of the cigarettes was related to the state of Massachusetts, the American "cowboys ' forge" for the whole country, although this is just a random consonance of the initial letters of these names. 

    In the mid-90s of the last century, Philip Morris had revenues of more than $ 33 billion, and at the end of 2000, the Marlboro brand was named the biggest tobacco brand. And although the Marlboro cowboy is no longer displayed on advertising posters, the brand does not give up its won positions. 

  • Pall Mall

    This brand launched in 1899. The company Butler&Butler introduce these cigarettes as premium class ones. The name of the brand dedicated to the Pall Mall street, located in London. 

    In 1907, the brand was purchased by American Tobacco. It developed a premium brand by changing the design and composition of tobacco. The popularity of Pall Mall blossomed in the 1960s, when the brand became the first in the United States. Then the green light was given to gambling advertising, which helped increase sales. The company also began to produce new, 100 mm cigarettes, thus creating a new standard. The new idea was picked up by competitors, as a result of which Pall Mall began to lose the market. 

    In 1994, the brand was sold to Brown&Williamson Tobacco, and in 2004 the company merged with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. The new company continued to produce a successful brand, both in America and abroad. 

  • Parliament

    The Parliament brand of cigarettes belongs to the tobacco giant "Philipp Morris International", which has a portfolio of 50 brands, including Marlboro, Bond, Chesterfield, and L&M. 

    Parliament tobacco products have been produced since 1901 in the United States and were designed for the domestic American market. 

    Having entered the world (European) market in the 70s of the last century, the company's products have firmly established themselves on it. It is just to say that nowadays the Parliament both American and European cigarettes. 

    The history of Parliament tobacco products is interesting. So, having become an innovation in the tobacco market in the last century, the company took a worthy position in sales in the United States by the 1940s. 

    In addition, Parliament is the first American cigarette to be exported. This increased the company's position in the international market. 

  • Richmond

    The Richmond Tobacco Products LTD company always keeps in the list of leaders as it uses the latest technologies in production and innovative methods of tobacco drying. Thanks to advanced technologies, the company's tobacco products are of high quality and make smoking comfortable. Each cigarette of this brand contains a tobacco blend of the best quality, which is mixed from tobacco from American and African plantations. Tobacco is prepared using a unique method: first it is smoked, and then it is dried for about 4 months.  

    Each smoker prefers their own shades and features of tobacco products. Some prefer classic Richmond cigarettes, others like the presence of additives, slim Richmond cigarettes are mostly preferred by women. 

  • Rothmans

    The Rothmans brand first appeared on the market in 1890. Keeping the English tradition of quality, today Rothmans cigarettes are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.  
    The high demand for products allowed him to open two more small stores. And in 1900, Rothman opened a small showroom on the fashionable Pall Mall. At this time, the young entrepreneur began to actively work on creating cigarettes of different brands. By 1902, it was exporting cigarettes to South America, the Netherlands, India, and Australia.
    By 1905, Louis Rothman had become the official tobacco supplier to both the English and Spanish Royal courts. And in 1905, King Edward VII granted special Royal permission. In 1906, Rothman created the first menthol cigarette by placing menthol crystals at the ends of the cigarette. After the death of the brand's founder in 1926, the development of the brand was continued by Rothman's son Sydney. Under Sydney's leadership, in addition to the six existing stores in London, the first store outside London was opened in Liverpool in 1927. In 1929, shares of the Rothmans brand were listed on the London stock exchange.

  • Sobranie

    Sobranie are cigarettes with a unique taste and aroma. Their packaging is attractive and refined, and the production uses mixed tobacco types and modern technologies. The Sobranie house recently celebrated its 130th anniversary, and the history of the brand goes back to the distant past. 

    Today, the Sobranie brand belongs to the Gallaher Group, which is the world's largest manufacturer of cigarettes, but initially they were an independent cigarette brand, launched in 1879 in London. Their popularity began to grow rapidly in the elite area of the capital of Britain, St. James, where there were private elite private clubs and European aristocracy gathered. The quality of Sobranie cigarettes was the highest, because they were subject to the most stringent requirements. By the end of the 19th century, they were recognized not only in London, but also in narrow diplomatic circles around the world. 

    For a long time, Sobranie cigarettes were made by hand and made to order from the best varieties of tobacco supplied from different parts of the world. The Oriental variety from Turkey and Greece was mixed with Brazilian and American tobacco, resulting in a mixture with a rich aroma and taste. Needless to say, the price of these cigarettes was so high that only a narrow circle of wealthy smokers from the elite strata of society could afford them. The name of the cigarettes was named after the Russian club of aristocrats "Russian Noble Assembly", whose representative office was located in the St. James's area of London. 

  • Vogue


    Vogue cigarettes are the most famous branded women's cigarettes that appeared on the market in 1932. Having passed through time, Vogue is still loved by ladies around the world. For smokers, they are a fashionable and stylish accessory that emphasizes their elegance, sophistication, independence and self-confidence. This cigarette brand attracts consumers not only with the quality of tobacco, but also with its fashionable modern design. 

    The Vogue brand has always been feminine, so the design and taste met the needs of ladies. Unlike men's cigarettes, which have a strong tart taste and rough design, Vogue is Packed in an elegant fragile package, and their taste is light and refined.  

  • West

    The company "Reemtsma", located in Germany, in 1981 began production of a new cigarette brand, called "West". At first, the purchase of these cigarettes was possible only in a network of special tobacco stores. Now these European cigarettes are exported to about 100 countries around the world.  

    For a long time, the brand has been a sponsor of sports events. The West cigarette brand provided financial assistance to car racing teams competing in Formula 1. Thanks to this, the brand advertised itself as a tobacco product for men who are strong in mind and body. 

    2007 year made changes to the company "Reemtsma" — it became part of the "Imperial Tobacco Group". It is the 4th largest international tobacco organization in the world. 

    Distinctive features of cigarettes produced under the "West" brand are the traditional taste of the tobacco blend, minimalism in the packaging design, pronounced colors and neat shape. 

  • Winston

    The brand was named after the city of Winston-Salem in the United States, North Carolina. This city is the center of tobacco production and it was there that the first Winston factory was opened. The founder of the brand is considered to be the R. J. Reynolds Corporation, which started producing Winston cigarettes in 1875. 

    Winston cigarettes were the first commercially produced filter cigarettes in the United States. At different times, they were recognized as: "best cigarette brand" (1956), "best-selling cigarettes in the United States" (1965). 

    Filter cigarettes were first created in Europe and soon became the No 1 product among local smokers. American manufacturers picked up the trend and started developing their own product. The developers set the task to preserve a strong, rich taste, but provide the cigarette with a reliable filter. 

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